Your university bookstore!

Every university that you visit will have a bookstore showcasing that schools sweatshirts, hoodies, shirts and other novelties. The variety of items in the bookstore may vary depending on which school you attend and what vendors they have partnerships with.  Your schools bookstore is not only where you can buy spirit wear from, they are your one stop shop for books, supplies, rentals and classroom necessities.

Books, Rentals and e-books:

The Benedictine bookstore offers a wide variety of books and rentals that students are able to buy, rent and use. When you choose your classes you will receive your list of books and on the bookstores website you are able to select your classes books and order them through there. If you do not want to purchase the books, which is not required, you can rent the book either new or used from the bookstore. You would rent the book from the bookstore for a time frame that you can choose and return it when that time is up, or when finals week rolls around.

Spirit Wear:

Of course the bookstore sells a variety of sweaters, hoodies and other apparel of that school. You are always welcome and a prospective student, current student or alumni you can purchase spirit wear from the schools bookstore. Most schools have a partnership with a number of brands that they order all of their clothing from. Depending on the brand, students may receive a discount on certain items sponsored by the bookstore.

School Supplies/Classroom Materials:

The bookstore has various items that students can buy that are useful in the classroom.

  • Lab Coats
  • Book cases
  • Pencils, pens, folders etc
  • Notebooks, paper
  • e-books
  • Flash drives
  • Snacks


As well as books ad apparel, the bookstore sells computers, tablets and e-books. As well as headphones, flash drives and various movies.

Your university bookstore has a lot to offer its students. Books, clothing and technology are all things that students can take advantage of in the bookstore.


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