Neuzil Livin’

Moving from Jaeger or Ondrak to Neuzil is one of the best things about being a sophomore in college at Benedictine. This year Jaeger, Ondrak, and Neuzil got all new bunk beds, desks, and chairs which makes the dorms ten time nicer. Here are reasons why Neuzil is better than Jaeger and Ondrak..

  • Suite style
  • So much bigger
  • 3 other roommates
  • Bathroom: 2 sinks, a toilet, and shower!
  • Don’t forget bathroom cleaner!
  • Free toilet paper from R.A.
  • Walk in closet (bring all the clothes and shoes you couldn’t fit in Jaeger)
  • Co-ed
  • Lounge with computers, many couches and chairs
  • Meal Plan
  • Pick who you live with
  • More outlets
  • Carpeting

Most people have all 4 beds bunked in one room and have the other room as a lounge/homework area, which I think is a great idea. The best part about living in Neuzil is not having to walk down the hall to go to the bathroom and shower! I live in Neuzil and I absolutely love it!


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