your dorm is your home

When living away from home many students get home sick or start to realize the responsibilities you now hold having your own place or dorm room. One thing I realized being a freshman is the floors do get gross, you do have to vacuum and yes you have to dust. these may seem like little things but there things you don’t think about when you have a full loa dog homework, maybe a job or a sport. Im not saying be the house cleaner of your room over doing homework but it is important to clean your room fully once a month maybe twice. Another large issues many students face is having your room look like a tornado hit it, this is something my dorm faces on a regular basis. Me and my roommates decided that we may not have a lot of time to clean but we designated a day every week to clean, organize take out the trash and clean the bathroom. this is an easy way to all help each other out but make the room cleaning more of a hang out than a chore, also it shows when your studying or homework area is clean it is a better atmosphere for the brain and better relaxes you. another fun thing to help your dorm stay clean but also feel like a home is decorate it for the holidays, even though many people believe in different religions and holidays, if you and your roommates celebrate the same def decorate! me and my suite-mates love to go to the dollar store or the dollar section to pick up cute little decorations for the doors, windows and our hang out room. its just a way to add a personal touch to your dorm when your away from home. These Are just a few things little things you can do to make your dorm a better place but also just a greater atmosphere for yourself and your roommates.


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