Slip, Slide, and Repeat

We had our Christmas and our New Year flew by. The snow was pretty on the ground giving us the feeling of the winter season but as we calm down from our festivities we become less and less enamored with the snow and sparkling icicles. Wearing our bulky coats, having to shovel the snow or dust off our cars, and the freezing temperatures can get annoying and troublesome.

But when the snow melts to water right before the temperatures drop it gets dangerous.

Ice. The sneaky culprit to many an embarrassing moment. This can especially make driving a hazardous chore. Anyone who commutes knows the trials of traffic and the normal problems that come with the ability to drive but throw in some ice and it can become not just simple annoyances but major problems.

Authorities say to drive carefully and even slower at tricky intersections or stops and they mean it. They do not mean drive at five miles an hour in a twenty-five mph zone. They mean do not drive forty miles an hour in a twenty-five mph zone.

Some tricks to surviving a drive in the cold and braving the notorious ice:

  • Slow down sooner, gently applying the brakes before coming to a stop sign or stop light instead of waiting until you are only a few yards away and slamming on the brakes.

  • Start your car at least ten minutes before you actually leave so your engine has time to warm up. Also, giving your car time to warm up means you can drive in warmth instead of shivering behind the wheel.
  • Always have at least a half a tank of gas especially when you know it’s going to get extremely cold. This will save you from future problems with your car and your gas won’t freeze in your car.
  • Make sure your tires are in good condition; they have traction and are not flat.
  • Be sure to have enough break fluid and anti-freeze in your car.
  • And most importantly leave earlier than you normally would. This will give you enough time to make it to your classes without having to rush.

I hope these tips can help make your drive in the winter better. Stay warm and stay safe đŸ™‚


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