Purchasing Books…

Many students look forward to the first week of class which many students call syllabus week, which is where students meet there professors and get to know about the material they are going to learnt but one small problem that can hurt a students money situation is when your professor either tells you which books you need to have or if your lucky which books he or she will provide you with, but if you are stuck buying your books there are a few different options you have.

One being the book store at your school, here at Benedictine we have the privilege of having a college Barnes and Nobles on campus which gives us the option of looking at the books you need and figuring out the amount of money you need to spend. which is a very nice thing to do when your a broke college student trying to figure out what you can and can’t afford, they are also very helpful there giving you other options like renting used or new or even buying used or new.

But if you aren’t into the school book store there are other options for you like-
Amazon- which may not have all the books in the world which can be bad but most of the time they do and if you order them a little earlier you can get them for very cheap if you order them a little earlier like a week before the semester starts. also shipping isn’t that much either and usually are at your dorm within a week.

Another option is Ebay which I have never personally ordered from but from what other students have said it is just as good as Amazon and as cheap.

There is another newer thing some college students also do is renting books online which you can have on your tablet or iPad or even lap top which can also be affordable at times if your more of an online person or if you have the electronic device to do it. It also is eco friendly!!

But another site that a lot of students here at benedictine use is Chegg which is where you can rent books for very cheap an they give you free shipping and returning. another cool little thing they do is put a surprise in your book, like I’ve gotten a red bull or a thing of gold fish which was really cool and fun. I also liked how the books got to my dorm super fast and it was affordable.

Of course there are a bunch of other little websites here and there but these are probably the most common but also the ones that I have heard positive reviews from. So hopefully these will help you, but most importantly save money!


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