Something to add to your resume!

Great volunteering opportunities.

For non-medical students, one place to consider in Lisle is the Morton Arboretum. Located on route 53, the Arboretum has plenty of opportunities whether you would like to work with nature or kids or with paper work.

Naperville, our neighboring town,  has a lot of opportunities to volunteer in variety of fields. One option is Sunrise which is a nursing home. As a volunteer there are variety of activities you can do with the residents there like playing bingo, hangman, going for a walk, doing their nails or even sit and talk to them and hear about their amazing life stories. ( seriously they’ll tell you the most interesting stories). Another place to consider is the Community nursing & Rehabilitation center. You would be doing basically the same thing as I mentioned above.

For those of you who like working with children, go check out the DuPage Children’s Museum. Its a great place to be for people lovers. As a museum assistant there, you get to work with kids by playing games with them while also keeping the museum clean by placing the used toys back in place. I personally volunteered there and it was an amazing experience.

And finally if none of these sound appealing, go ahead and visit the website and you’ll surely find something that fits well with your major or even your hobbies. I hope you find these helpful and decide to donate your time to our community!


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