New Semester, New Beginning :)

As we finish the first semester of Fall 2013, we make our way into the second semester of Spring 2014. During this time we are basically coming back to campus after an entire month off of vacation from winter break and head into our new classes for the current semester. This is the time to basically learn from your mistakes and make a new start. What I mean by this is, say in your first semester you didn’t do so well as you thought you would be doing in your classes, but just want to fix your mistakes and do better this coming semester. And so that is why I think that second semesters are the sweeper cleaner ups time of the year.

Some ideas that are helpful to some students are the way they want to change their studying habits. This is like one of the number one things every student needs to have found somewhere during their school year. Study habits can really change the way you want your grades to be in your classes. One of my goals for this coming semester is that I want to start studying ahead of time before all my exams or quizzes so that I do well in my classes and get the grades I want to in order to boost my GPA. I’m currently taking all Health Science classes and yes they are hard, but what I’ve learned this semester is that in order to pass with a decent grade in these science classes, I need to start studying the day of when I have the class and continue studying everyday till the point of the exam, because this way not only do I know what is happening in class, I also know the content of what I’m going to be tested on.

So I encourage all freshman to consider this advice that I’m giving you guys because it is very helpful in the long run and this advice isn’t just for freshman, but to all the students here at Benedictine University. Below are just a few helpful tips of making your second semester better.

Tips for Second Semester

1. Study your notes the day you have your class.

2. Take breaks in between your studying and notes.

3. Ask your professor for question on things your aren’t sure on during class.

4. Work on practice problems.

5. Go to your professor’s office and ask for a one on one help.

6. If need help on figuring out what studying techniques are compatible with you, go into the Student Success Center and ask for help.


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