Getting Back into School Mode

Winter Break has officially ended  and its time to start thinking like a student again. This is difficult considering most people are still recovering from the mental strain of fall semester.  Hopefully you’ve had four weeks to go brain dead ( a.k.a watch hours of netflix). Now it’s time to get that refreshed mind back to business.

The night before classes or any time before, it’s helpful to go through all your papers from the previous semester and decide what you are and are not keeping. You can usually throw out almost everything (unless you’re a packrat like me) and this means you can reuse folders and notebooks so you don’t have to buy more school supplies.  Always go to your classes first before you buy a ton of school supplies. You might end up only needing a notebook.

It’s also important to print out your schedule or save it to your phone so that your not lost or late the first day. Do this the night before because you never know what changes have been made to room assignments. I know it’s nerdy, but I like to get to class early on the first day of the semester so that you can establish your seat. If you get stuck by obnoxious people or at the back of the class where you can’t see anything, you might have a hard time the rest of the semester. This is especially important for labs, since the person you sit by will most likely be your lab partner for the entire semester.

Another cliche thing you can do is have a good breakfast :). If this wasn’t in your routine before, start off the first day of the semester by eating something! It gets your metabolism going and allows you to think better in class.

Luckily, the first week of classes is syllabus week and doesn’t involve too much thinking. But, it’s still a good idea to take note of big assignments that are due so you can start recording them and be aware of when you have to crack down.  Having assignment sneak up on me is probably my number one source of stress in college.

Hopefully you have learned from last semester and start off classes relaxed and ready to learn :). You’ll have plently of time to freak out later in the year!


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