Educational Resources found on campus

When looking at Benedictine there are a lot of sources around campus that can really help you succeed here at the university. Looking at Benedictine you clearly see we are a small university but with a small university comes some great benefits. Benedictine has a lot of areas and options to better help your education but also better you as a student. The student success center, this office is meant for students who need more time on test, extra assistance or maybe even a private tutor. These are just a few small things the student success center does at Benedictine. Another thing available to students is the free tutoring in the basement of Krasa which there are schedules on all the tables informing you when the tutors will be there. Another nice thing Benedictine has is office hours which is when a professor has designated hours specifically just to meet with students which can be really helpful with papers and assignment. This is one thing I really loved as a freshman and even this year as a sophomore I find it extremely helpful but also helped me better grasp material and receive a better grade. I also love going to the library when I really need to grasp material and ge tit done but if its going to be a late night you can always move to the basement of krasa which is open 24 hours a day everyday of the week. It is also nice because most cell phones don’t get service so you don’t get distracted by text or calls and it is dead silent. These are just a few of the many resources benedictine offers throughout the year and they may change due to the time of the semester like for finals or midterms. Overall because Benedictine is a smaller school there are some nice benefits that come with it. So look into it and do what is best for you!!


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