Pros of working on campus

Working on campus has to be one of the best work opportunities for all college students. While working on campus you are able to work whatever hours that are convenient for you and your class schedule, which is very convenient when you are a full time student  and cannot work many hours per week. One of the best parts about working on campus, is being able to walk to work instead of having to get up and get ready for another job. At Benedictine University there are many work opportunities for students on campus. For jobs on campus you get interviewed to prepare you for a job in the real world. Also, working on campus you work with other students and make many new friends. Shout out to my best friend Jalen Isabel, another blogger and student ambassador that I work with. I love my job on campus, working as a student ambassador has to be one of the funniest jobs on campus. Even though we have many responsibilities; giving tours, working open houses, and other incoming students events we still have fun and love our jobs. Student ambassadors get to work with friends, new incoming students, and parents. It is a job that has all pros and no cons!


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