Getting to know your admissions counselor

As a incoming freshman last year I was quite lost and confused walking into college. I had no idea what to expect or to think of the new experience I was walking into but I new there would be people there to help. At most schools after you finish your first semester of college they disappear but not at Benedictine. My admission counselor my freshman year was Alton Nobles he was such a great guy at helping me succeed at Benedictine but another great thing was he didn’t disappear after my first semester. I can still go up to him ask him questions, get his advice or just to see how he is doing. He is more than a admission counselor he is a friend someone I feel comfortable asking for advice or any questions I have.  Alton is not the only kind admission counselor here at Benedictine, they all want you to do well and are willing to do the extra step to help you out in anyway.I really got to see how kind and outgoing the admissions counselors are here due to fact i work in the admissions building giving tours,blogging and calling. They are all so kind and always talking or just asking how your day is going making you feel like a friend more than just a student of theres. This is just one small benefit of attending a smaller university and the bond you get with not only the students but the staff.


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