Life as a commuter!

Majority of the students at Benedictine university are residents however, there is a reasonable amount of commuters as well. The commute time may vary from 15 to even 45 minutes depending on traffic. Hence one of the most important factors to consider as commuters is traffic. With people trying to get to work, it is always safe to leave 15-20 minutes before you plan on leaving. For instance if you have a 15 minute commute without traffic, it would be a good idea to leave at 9 for your 9:30 class.

Another thing to consider is parking. Although we have multiple places to PARK FOR FREE like behind Krasa, Kindlon, Rice, Ondrak and 427 parking spots in the garage, students have classes as early as 8 am so the spots fill up pretty fast. There’s ALWAYS a parking spot available but if you want a spot closer to the building your class is in, coming early is a good idea (Plus you get a lot of work done early morning).

Another delima-what do I do during my break time. As a resident you can go nap in your rooms but commuters cant. So do as much homework as you can so by the time you go home you can go to bed early. Also explore the campus and find study spots. Finally, make sure to bring lunch and pace yourself. Don’t eat your lunch at once if your having a long day on campus. That way you can avoid spending money on fast food and is also the ultimate key to avoid freshman 15.


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