What to do in between your classes!

High school is completely different from college. In college, you have breaks in between your classes depending on how you arranged your schedule. Some days I have a three hour break in between my classes. You might be wondering what I do in between those three hour breaks. Well, there are plenty of things to do while being on break on campus.

One thing that I do during my break is work. In my previous blog, I introduced the idea of why you should get a job on campus. Getting a job on campus can kill time and you get paid for it!

Another thing to do when you are on campus is study! Use your time wisely.  If you study for a class before the lecture then you tend to know more when you go to class. This can also give you time to do other things when you get home.

Go to the gym!  Going to the gym for a few hours can relieve stress and help you concentrate better when you are in class.  Usually during my breaks I like  go to the gym with my friend for one or two hours so then later I can concentrate on other things.

Go  out with friends! Going out with your friends for a couple minutes can give you a good break from school. Coming back to school you are more energized. Fresh air is always great for students who are always in class.

Grab a snack before class! Some people like to eat before class just because they are focused more instead of thinking about how hungry they are during class.

Visit a professor! Have a good conversation with your professor right before class.

There are plenty of things to do when you are on campus for a couple hours, spend your time however you’d like!


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