Relationships on campus

Whether you’re going to college single or in a relationship it is good to remember the importance of practicing safe sex and having a healthy relationship. College is a time when a lot of students experiment and engage in more sexual activities. Just because you are in college does not mean that you have to live up to every stereotype that comes along with it. It does not matter if you are single or in a committed relationship; one should know the pros and cons of having sex in college.


Some pro’s that come along with being in a relationship while in school is that you have that constant personal connection with someone. Whether you guys started dating before college or met during, always being able to talk to someone and have them a part of your everyday life decreases the chance of one going out and having a one night stand with an individual at a party. Dating someone in school can also help your studies. Doing your homework and helping each other on school work may lead to higher grades. If you’re in a relationship you may be self motivated to do better and study more for test so that you are not failing or at risk of being kicked out of school. Often with relationships come finding that “bestfriend” figure. This person may be the one you tell all your secrets to, lean on for support or just enjoy spending time with. This is a great thing, but beware, if the relationship ends, you lose a partner as well as a bestfriend. Another benefit is that if the person you’re dating has many friends who throw parties, you will be a part of those gatherings.


If you are not in a relationship going into college, don’t worry. You do not have to be in a relationship just because society pressures you to. If you are then you may have experienced some negatives that come with it. It is great to show your partner how much you love and adore them, but when affection becomes clingy, no one wins. Having that person constantly on your arm or calling/texting you may become annoying for some. Going into a relationship you have to know the kind of person you are looking for and what you can or cannot tolerate in a relationship. Being single you may be more likely top engage in unprotected and random sex. Not having a constant partner may lead to drunken sex or contracting an STD.

Being in college requires a lot of maturing and knowing the risk of engaging in certain activities. Sex and relationships are no exception. If you are going to be in a relationship then you should know what all may come with the responsibility of being in a relationship. If you plan to stay single and just mingle with others, know the risk of having more than one sex partner and chances of contracting a sexually transmitted disease.


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