Kiva Club!

Here at Benedictine there are numerous clubs and organizations that you are ale to get involved with. I was fortunate enough to get involved with a club called Kiva. As a freshman I was introduced to the club by an upperclassman that I had met the summer before. She wanted me to learn more about the club so invited me to attend one of their general body meetings.

Kiva is a non-profit organization that micro-finances small loans to remote areas of the world. The loans are giving out to small business owners by field partners in that country that act like bankers, who are unable to afford the daily cost of running their business. There is no interest on the loans to ensure that the business owners are not digging an even bigger hole trying to pay back the loan plus the interests that has acquired on it. All of the funds raised by Kiva are loaned out, non of the money is kept and Kiva does not receive any benefits from the fundraising. The persons who receive the loan are not pressured to pay back the loans as quickly because of their financial situation. There is no one specific type of person who receives the loans, Kiva looks at their ability to repay, financial situation and cost of labor.

My involvement in Kiva has grown over the year I have been in it. With 3 of the executive board graduating there were positions available and I decided to go for the Vice President position. I am now the acting VP and help organize general body meetings, make presentations and create fundraisers for the club. My time in Kiva has definitely taught me the value of time management and improved my leadership skills. Being a part of the club is something that I can put on my resume for future jobs. I would say that getting involved with clubs and organizations is a great way to meet new people and grow as an individual here at school.


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