College Survival Tips

1. Be positive

  • If you are going into college not knowing anyone, make the best of it! It is your time to start new and you can be whoever you want to be. College is such a great experience because it is the time when you find out who you are.

2. Maintain a college budget

  • DO NOT SPEND YOUR ENTIRE SAVINGS ACCOUNT! I know people who spend money so carelessly that they have spent their entire checking/savings account in one school year. If you do not have a job then you should not be spending money all the time. Track your money, save receipts or check your account weekly.

3. More is less

  • When moving into a dorm room, it is impossible to bring all of your belongings because dorms are very small. So do not bring all of your clothes, try to go home when it starts getting chilly out to bring your summer clothes home and bring your winter clothes.

4. Roommates

  • When you fill out the roommate survey, do not lie! Tell the truth, so you can be paired with someone similar to you. When you first meet your roommate, be nice because that is the person you will be with for the school year. Roommates can be your best friend or worst enemy. If anything about them bothers you make sure to be upfront about it before you begin to hate your roommate.

5. Fight the Freshman Fifteen

  • Do not eat late every night, because it will catch up to you. Work out with friends or in your room!

6. Cheap college textbooks

  • We all know books are cheaper online, so make sure to get your textbooks offline because it will honestly save you hundreds!

7. Organization

  • Keep an agenda book or wall calendar so you know when assignments, papers, and tests are. Or use your calendar in your phone.

8. Do not procrastinate

  • Procrastination leads to bad grades, which leads to stress, which then leads to failing classes and that is the worst feeling in the world. So try your hardest and do you best on all your assignments.

9. Distractions

  • As fun as college is, you are paying thousand for an education, do not forget that. Your school work should be your number one priority.

10. Take advantages of campus opportunities

  • Join clubs, go to homecoming, attend sports game, attend free on and off campus events.

11. Laundry

  • Do laundry weekly, so it doesn’t pile up. Also, make sure to set a timer for each load!

12. Exams

  • Exams are very stressful because they count for most of your grade or maybe your entire grade, so make sure to start studying at least 4-5 days before the exam to make sure to know everything.

Good luck with your freshman year!


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