changing your major

Most students come in not knowing what they want to do with there future after going to college but there is always the option of switching your major. Many students come in thinking one career but after awhile decide it is not for them. if I was to help a freshman out or even a transfer take classes that vary for different majors, this can help you really see what you are interested in. But once you get a feel for what your interested in and if it’s different then the major you told your application when you were admitted to Benedictine then there are a few things you need to do.
1-  go to office of register which is on the basement of Krasa and get the form that is for switching your major, this form will need to be signed by your advisor, which could take time.
2- switch your advisor to one that connects to your major, which could be one of your teachers
3-turn both these forms in at the office of register (place you got them at)
4- look over the check list and see if any of your classes transfer to the new majors you are still on the right track.
5- meet with your new advisor when it is time to make your schedule for next semester, you have to do this to get the hold off your account but it is a great way to better understand what your major will be like now.
6- stay on track with your major checklist
Another thing to think about is if you want a minor to really try and think about what you would like to minor in by your sophomore year. This will help you manage out your major and minor classes together, but also help you stay on track so you can graduate within four to five years here at Benedictine.
These are just a few things you can do to decide your major and what you want to do with your future career.


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