Staying Awake In Class

You will not find one college student who hasn’t dozed off at least a few times in class. It’s hard to stay alert for an entire class when the typical college student feels like they can never get a break.  In some lectures you are forced to stare at a screen for over an hour with a professor who isn’t exactly the most exciting individual in the world.  In these cases, you need to know a few tricks to keep you from closing those eyes in the middle of class.

1) Bring water! I like to bring a water bottle or any sort of drink to class and take a sip about every 5 minutes. This way you are on a schedule and it’s easier to stay alert when your’e drinking something.  It will also keep you hydrated which will ultimately help you feel better all around.

2) Pinch yourself! It sounds harsh, but this can be the most effective way of snapping you back into awareness. The jolt from the pain will help you focus. Just don’t pinch too hard!

3) Sit-up straight! Your sitting position has a huge effect on how well you pay attention. If you make yourself too comfortable, it will be much easier to let yourself doze off. Sit straight up so you dont have the urge to slouch down and take a nap.

4) Wear nice clothes! If you know that you’re ridiculously tired  that day and you’re going to be tired in class, try wearing something nice instead of sweatpants and a sweatshirt. Being in comfortable clothes makes it easier to get comfy, which is not what you want in class.  You will be more aware of how you’re sitting in nicer clothes, which will cause you to be more alert. Dressing nice also makes you feel better about yourself so you will be in a better mood 🙂

And last but not least…

5) CAFFEINE. My caffeine item of choice will always be coffee, but if you really need an extra pick me up, you don’t always have to go for an extreme energy drink or huge cup of coffee. Apples are a great source of caffeine and are also more effective at waking you up than your typical cup of coffee.

So next time you are about to go to Dreamland in class, remember that this is completely preventable with a few tricks.  But, the best method for staying awake in class will always be to get more sleep in general 🙂


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