RA’s are friends, not food!

I’m sure everyone has been introduced to their new RA’s in the dorms. You have to trust that they are there for you and to help with any questions that you may have about the campus or dorm. Though you may here differently about some of the RA’s, they all are great people that are always willing to help you. From the time you move in, to check out at the end of the year your RA’s will be the ones that you come in contact with, so its good to get to know them early in the year.

Every RA is required to plan a certain number of events and activities throughout the year that are themed.  You will see their handy work in the dorms with wall displays and signs on your door. Your RA’s are not there to be your babysitters or to come down on you for every little thing that is done in the dorms, but they are there to make sure that nothing is happening that should not be. Yes they will enforce the rules, but that is their job. You will come to find out that some RA’s are less strict when it comes to the rules, but that does not mean that you can take advantage of them.

The RA’s are placed in the dorms to look over and make sure everything is going well, not to crack down on you for every little thing that you do. There should be a mutual respect level from both the RA and the residents. If that happens, everyone can live together without any problems.  There’s always that one resident who tries to fight the RA on every rule, every curfew or little thing, but that does not have to be you. If you take the time to get to know your new RA’s I am more than sure that you will come to find out that they are just like you, living on campus trying to enjoy their college experience. Making it tough on them will not make your stay in the resident halls any better.

Just remember that your RA’s are there for you at all times of the day and not to be afraid of going to them if you have any questions or problems. Chances are they have gone through it already and can offer you insight on the situation.


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