Being a College Fashionista: What to Wear to College Classes

So sweat pants or jeans?

A T-shirt or a dress?

These are the important questions that went through my head my first year of college and quite frankly, every morning I get ready.

What I think every time I wake up in the morning is that as long as I look presentable, the outfit will be fine. You never know who you’re going to run into: your crush, the president of the school, or someone interviewing you for Eye of the Eagle. I have two simple rules I like to follow when rummaging through my wardrobe in the early hours of the day.

1) Don’t look like you just rolled out of bed! 

If you really did just roll out of bed then you honestly need to get up earlier. You need to make time for breakfast in the morning. Not only is breakfast crucial, so is brushing those pearly whites! Brushing your hair and getting rid of that bed head along with smelling clean is also vital. People will stare at you, it really does happen. Don’t be the kid to go to class in their pajamas just to fall back asleep, waking themselves up periodically due to their heavy snoring.

Simply put, just “showing up” will only help you in one way: failing.

2) Dress for success! (A.K.A. My life motto)

No, I am not saying wear a suit or gown every day, curl or gel your luscious locks, and get your makeup done along with a manicure. Actually, you really never need to do that! What do I mean then when I say dress for success? Put something nice on when it is an important day: when you have a quiz, test, speech, presentation or something of that sort. When you dress nicely, you are more obligated to stay awake in class and be proud of how you look. And sure, it feels great to look good and receive compliments. But it’s more than that; if you’re wearing something you usually sleep in, you’re more tempted to be very relaxed, inattentive, and tired. Another thing that not many students would consider is the fact that being well dressed for class symbolizes your respect for your professors. If your professors dress well, then you can too. It shows they take their job seriously, so the least you can do is take learning seriously (this isn’t just for your professor, this benefits YOU!). Make a good impression, and who knows, maybe your professor will be more lenient. It’s happened to me!

At the end of the day, jeans and a sweet T or cute top is perfectly acceptable. Just be sure that you are leaving the positive impression you want on your professors and peers.


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