Managing Stress

As a college student, stress and anxiety is everywhere, but avoiding stress is somewhat easier than we think. Here are some easy tips to avoid stress

  • Time management: Very important! You have to make time everyday to get your homework and studying done, instead of just lying around saying you will do it later. Just get it done as early as possible so then you have time to get other work done or just to relax! Try to get your homework done in between classes or early evening so you are not up all night doing homework.
  • Saying NO: don’t be scared to. If you are working hard and your friends ask you to watch a movie or to go out and get food, say no! Just keep working hard and get your work done, once you have finished then you can watch a movie and not worry about homework.
  • Don’t skip class! Skipping class just causes more stress because then you will be even more behind on your homework and notes. Let’s be honest, the professor does not care if you go to class or not, so make sure to attend class to get all the notes and information you need.
  • Sleep! Sleep is very important, if you do not receive a certain amount of rest than you will be very cranky and tired throughout the day. Getting homework done early leads to going to sleep early and getting a full nights rest.
  • Procrastination: DON’T DO IT! We all know if we wait last minute to finish a huge paper, homework, or to study then we get so stressed. Also if we wait the last minute to study then we do not do as great as we potentially could have done. It is so important to make time  to get homework and studying done ahead of time so you can be stress free.
  • Make time to have fun: still important! Don’t forget to go out on the weekends and have fun with your friends after a long week of tests, homework, and papers. Going out and being with friends makes you happy so don’t get so caught in school that you forget to have fun!

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