Networking Beginning With Your Professors

At Benedictine University, our professors are not just teachers. Many of them have their own businesses, work outside of the university, and have their own projects that they are working on. By getting to know your professors that relate to your area of study, you can make networking connections with them, get recommendation letters from them, and, possibly even, get a job with your professor. Here’s a few tips on how to start this process:

  • Take classes with the teacher you look to network with! By taking a class with a professor, they are able to see how well you work and get to know you. By going to a professor’s office hours for help studying or homework assignments, they will get to know you and how you work, which sets up a first impression when you decide to approach the teacher with questions about working with them.
  • Do well in those classes! Teachers like to see a student that is striving to do well in their classes. If you prove that you can succeed in their class, they will be more willing to hire you or choose you to work with them.
  • Be friendly! By getting to know your teachers on a personal level and become friends with them, you can establish a relationship with them that sets you aside from other applicants, or those trying to gain a job, internship, or enrichment opportunity with them.
  • Always ask questions! These teachers have been through everything that you’re experiencing, so they will have advice on how you can improve. If you have questions on your future career or what you can improve on to achieve your goals, ask your teacher. Not only are they there to help you expand your knowledge, but they can become your friends and mentors.

Currently I am speaking with my professors and building relationships with them so I can try to gain a summer internship or a research opportunity with them in the future. Your professors are great resources for information and future opportunities!


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