Take advantage of what BenU has to offer

I have many fond memories during my tenure here at Benedictine. From intramural sports, to extracurricular clubs, I always try to have fun here at school. Many of my great memories come from the free events that Benedictine offers its students. One of the more recent events was when hypnotist Frederick Winters visited BenU. During this show Winters used unconventional techniques to hypnotize a select group of audience members. While they were hypnotized Winters subjected the volunteers to many embarrassing, but appropriate, situations. Some of the situations were so ridiculous that it seemed as if the hypnotized volunteers had to have been faking. However, in the two times I have seen him, a few of my friends were hypnotized, and all have ended up with the same response: they do not remember a thing when they were hypnotized. Aside from laughing at my friends making fools of themselves I also enjoy going to see movies. What is better than seeing a movie? Seeing a free movie of course. Ogden 6, the local movie theater, located at 1227 East Ogden Avenue in Naperville, offers free movies on the last Friday of every month for all BU students. I have taken advantage of this countless times and advise that all students do the same. Another event that is always fun is free mini golf and bowling. Conveniently enough Brunswick Zone Bowling and Lost Mountain Mini Golf are both located right next to each other off of 75th Street in Woodridge just a few minutes from campus. Brunswick Zone Bowling also has many other perks to it. One of the coolest things that Brunswick often does cosmic bowling. Around 9pm on weekends, Brunswick turns down the regular lights, and flashes the glow in the dark lights to provide a whole new bowling experience. Although it is not free, Brunswick also offers a food and drink menu in case you and your group get hungry during your free bowling experience. Literally next door to Brunswick Zone is Lost Mountain Mini Golf. All Benedictine students with a valid ID are allowed one free game of 18-hole mini golf. This challenging miniature golf course is centered around a large waterfall that makes for elegant scenery while golfing.


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