What you should do as a freshmen in college!

As a freshmen in college, there are few steps you must or at least attempt to take to make your college experience more enjoyable and successful. In my opinion there are three main steps that should be taken during your first year in college. The first step would be organization. As a freshmen you will realize that it is very difficult to stay organized but is very important to become a master at organizing, the second step would be time management which is another skill that will help you throughout your whole college experience and life in general and lastly the third step would be getting involved as much as you can.

Being organized is one of the most important skills to have in college, being organized makes you a better person and better student. There are many ways that you can be organized, it can be something simple just as labeling all your folders to having a calendar. I personally have a calendar hung on my wall right in front of my desk so that I can keep an eye on it just in case if I have something to take care of. Now a days everyone has a smart phone, so one great way of using it is having reminders set. The new generation seems to be able to live without their cell phone, so in that case you will always have a way to be organized.

The second most important step that should be taken during your first year of college and throughout your whole college career. The second step is time management, when you master time management you will be able to enjoy your college experience  much more. It wont only help you in school but will also prepare you for the future. Once you graduate from college and begin to work in the real world you will need to manage your time and make sure to schedule things appropriately.


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