Quick Things to Put You in a Better Mood

Everybody has their down days (some more than others) and sometimes they can really take a toll on how you go about your day.  Your mood can affect all aspects of your life. Feeling low can interfere with how you pay attention in class, your relationship with others, or your performance in all things you have to get done. Most people believe that if they’re in a bad mood, they’re going to stay that way and they do nothing to try and fix it. But, you don’t have to do a lot to turn your mood around, even if it’s a tiny change, it’s better than nothing. Here are a few easy things you can do to lighten your mood so you can go about your day happier:

1) Listen to music you love! It doesn’t even have to be happy music. If you’re jamming out to music, you tend to forget about why you were in a bad mood in the first place. I don’t know about everyone else, but listening to Christmas music can make me happier any time of the year. Just walking to your class with your headphones can make you feel better if you’re stressed.

2) Eating Healthy! People in a bad mood tend to compensate by eating junk food because they think it will make them feel better. In the end, you just feel worse about yourself afterwards and on top of your bad mood, you’ll probably have a stomach ache. Eat some fruit or anything that tastes good to you that won’t make you regret your life. I don’t know how many times I’ve brought out the candy or ice cream because I thought it would make me feel better and then ended up feeling more miserable from a stomach ache.

3) Dress nice! When people are in an awful mood they tend to dress poorly to reflect that.  If you throw on something sloppy, then you end up looking exactly how you feel. If you don’t feel the best when you wake up it helps to dress in something you know makes you look good. That way, every time you see yourself in the mirror, you won’t be sad. If you look good, you’ll feel good!

4) Do something sweet for somebody! Whether it’s just holding the door open or giving someone a compliment, helping someone out can make you feel a lot better about yourself. Being grouchy won’t ever help your situation.

5) Watch funny Youtube videos! I recommend videos of cats, babies, or people falling. Laughing out loud is one of the best cures for a bad day 🙂

6) Text a friend! Message an old friend or someone you care about. Asking about their life will help you forget about your problems and distract you from your bad mood.

Remember that your mood is never set in stone. A bad day doesn’t have to stay a bad day. I hope next time your having one of those “can’t do life” days that you stop and think about how you can change your attitude 🙂


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