Guide to worst case scenarios!

Lets face it, as much as we all try to avoid them, we all run into bad situations where we wish “I just can’t wait till this is over. I’m so done.” So here are some scenarios and how to deal with them.

Scenario number 1: Forgot to study for a quiz

Well the most realistic thing to do here is to stay calm and try to remember what you learned in class.  If you have a little time look over your notes but at this point there is nothing you can do but to learn a lesson, forgive your self and remain positive for the next exam. Also avoid talking or listening to people who are reviewing; if you don’t you are bound to get stressed and your chances of remembering  something from class lectures will be negligible.

Scenario number 2: locking yourself out of  your car

Relax! This isn’t all that terrible of a situation. I’ve personally locked myself out of my car on campus 5 times already. Stay calm and call the campus police. Our campus police here is very helpful and approachable so they will be able to help you out. The key however, is to have the police department’s number saved on your contact list which is (630) 829-6122

Scenario number 3: Not enough time to study

This is something every college student comes across at least once in their college years. The thing is, every teacher has a pattern. A pattern of where they choose their exam questions from; whether it is lecture notes, power points or straight off of the study guide. If you’ve already taken an exam, pull out all your handouts and class material and try to look for answers to the questions that were on the previous exam. By doing so, you will find your teachers pattern and realize that you don’t actually have to study every thing.

So those were the worst case scenarios and an attempt to answer how to deal with them. Hope you find them helpful!


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