What I want to be is….

As a current student here at Benedictine I am now a sophomore. My year and a half here has mostly consisted of entry level science classes and a mix of social sciences classes. My goal in life is to be a certified registered nurse anesthetists, or CRNA. What is a CRNA you may ask? A nurse who administers anesthesia to patients. Not to be confused with the physician counterparts, CRNA’s are not “doctors” though both anesthesiologist and certified registered nurse anesthetists give anesthesia the same way. This kind of nurse works with surgeons, dentists, podiatrist and other qualified healthcare professionals. They essentially do the same as certified anesthesiologists do, give anesthesia. If you don’t know already, anesthesia is the medicine that is administered to patients during procedures that puts them to sleep to feel no pain and guarantee a safe and painless visit. They also help with the management of pain and trauma stabilization.

For me, becoming a CRNA would be more than your average job, its something that I find really interesting and would want to do for the rest of my life.  I could see myself doing this as a career and not just another “job”.

Education, education, EDUCATION!!! Becoming anything in the healthcare profession requires more than the average amount of schooling and being a CRNA is no different. One has to graduate with their bachelor of science in nursing and receive your BSN. After, or even before that you would have to obtain your license as a registered nurse. With any nursing or doctor position there is a grace period that you go through clinical training, for my CRNA I would need a year of experience/training as a registered nurse in an acute care setting, i.e, convenient care, free clinic. I would then have to go through an credited nurse anesthesia program with my masters which can take up to 24-36 months to complete. This all may seem like a lot graduate and not even become a doctor, but it is all worth the long hours and years of schooling. Lastly going through clinical and before becoming a licensed CRNA passing the national certification exam.

For me, all of this schooling is worth it. I want to become a CRNA because I find it very interesting and also rewarding..not to mention that over 40% of CRNA’s are male. This profession is highly respected among healthcare professions because of the high risk/high reward that comes with it.  The average annual salary of a CRNA is about $161, 398.


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