Free. Free. Free.

Anything and Everything Free on Campus.

We’re college students. Let’s face it money isn’t exactly pouring in by the truck load so when we hear Free, we take advantage of it. I’ve decided to write a thank you, for all of those Free things on campus!

  • Thank you for Free printing. Though they encourage students to limit their unnecessary printing both for environmental conservation and in order to keep printing Free, all of the printing on campus is at no cost to the students.
  • Thank you for the Free laundry. It may not seem like much but wait until you  move off campus and have to pay up to $5.00 A LOAD at some places.
  • Thank you for Free bike rental. It’s the city, not everyone has a car.  But in case you don’t, Benedictine University has Free bike rentals you can sign out on errand day!
  • Thank you for Free Wifi! It makes finding your perfect study place so much easier when you don’t have to worry about being able to get internet!
  • Thank you for Free t-shirts. I can think of at least 25 events each year that give away Free t-shirts including Programming Board events, athletic events, admissions events, promotional events and more.
  • Thank you for Free food. Throughout the year there are probably 100 chances to get Free food. Whether it’s at the Police Barbecue, Homecoming Tailgating, one of the weekly Programming Board events, Bi-weekly ResLife events, or Athletic events (that’s right, sometimes they provide pizza for the students who attend sporting events), there are always events on campus giving away Free food.
  • Thank you for Free events on campus. With the exception of the Homecoming Dance and the Spring Ball, Programming Board prides themselves on being able to offer every program they host Free to the students. This includes all of their bingo nights, carnival, and numerous other opportunities to win Free stuff (like a Free Ipad Mini at the carnival last year). This also includes the things to do like watch Johnny Cardinale (as seen on Chelsea Lately) do his Comedy Skit, go to the on campus Haunted House they put on every year, or see a band play like the country cover band Backyard Country roads.
  • Thank you for the monthly Free commuter breakfast. I’m not a commuter so this doesn’t apply to me, but I imagine that if I were I would be pretty thankful for Free Einstein Bagels and coffee once a month!
  • Thank you for Free Ogden Six Movie Nights, Free Mini Golf, Free Laser Tag, Free Arcade Nights, Free Roller Skating,  and Free Brunswick Zone. Student Activities provides one of these at least once a month!
  • Thank you for Free fitness classes! Each semester the fitness center releases a schedule of the fitness classes that will be offered weekly that semester.
  • Thank you for the Free gym membership. This also goes along with the last thank you, but I cannot thank the school enough for the Free unlimited access to to fitness center and all of it’s equipment!
  • Thank you for Free parking!!!! Cannot stress this one enough. Just went to Chicago the other day and spent $42 to park for a day….When the cheap lots fill up, you sometimes have no choice! Free parking is a huge blessing.
  • Thank you for Free Counseling services. There are two or three counselors on campus throughout the week available by appointment that will cost you nothing. Whether you want to talk about family problems, financial issues, the stress of school or pressures to do well, vent about a roommate, or just have someone to talk to, you can schedule an hour time slot and professional counselors will listen to every word you have to say!
  • Thank you for the basically Free health services. Though we do pay a small fee for this at the beginning of each semester, it is then there for you to use throughout the semester in case you ever get sick. The nurses both used to work in a hospital and have seen it all. So whether you have the common cold or think you may have strep, you can go see them for help. They also offer flu shots to students for just $10!
  • Thank you for the Free athletic trainers. Though this is limited to athletes on campus, the school does have a very nice athletic training facility where you can even schedule Free (depending on your insurance) chiropractic appointments, doctor appointments, or even orthopedic appointments. Not to mention Free physical therapy and personalized strength training programs.
  • Finally Thank you to the donors who help to make books and sometimes even tuition Free or a least a whole lot less! Without the numerous scholarships I receive there is no way I would be able to afford college.

College is expensive that’s a fact. I don’t exactly have oodles of money lying around to spend as I please, but Benedictine University offers a whole lot of Free services and scholarships that help to take care of the little things : )


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