You never know what to expect at BenU

College is usually the time where you go to class, do your work, study, and have fun after everything else is taken care of. However, some events come up and slightly alter that course of action. Most of these events are very unexpected and may be troubling at first, but usually end up making great stories in the long run.

  • Snow days – In the Winter of 2011 Benedictine and the surrounding area was hit with a massive snow storm. The storm was so bad that the entire university was closed for a few days. Since the school was closed this also meant that classes were cancelled. During this period of no school many students had no idea what to do with themselves because of this sudden freedom and extra amount of time. Many students participated in the obvious building of snow forts, snowball fights, and sledding. Other students got pretty creative and played games such as football in the snow in shorts and a t-shirt or had races around the Founders Woods Quad in shorts and no shirt.
  • The geese – During the spring months the local geese population spawn all over Benedictine’s campus. This may not seem like a big deal, but it is actually a very big problem. These geese are very territorial and get mad at those who come near their nest. So much as that the BenU campus safety had to put up signs near the geese nest to alert people that the geese were very hostile to those who came near them. Sometimes the geese even chased people away and followed them for elongated distances. It was a very funny scene to watch, but not one that you want to get yourself into.
  • The power outage – In the spring of 2012 there was a random power outage for most of the campus. Many of the buildings and dorms were temporarily without power causing many classes to be cancelled. The weird thing was that after a little investigating public safety could not figure out the reason for the power outage. After some further research public safety finally found out that a goose flew directly into an electrical transformer and disrupted the power throughout the entire campus.
  • Ghost sightings – According to many local newspapers Benedictine University is the most haunted campus in Illinois. Students have reported multiple sightings of ghostlike figures in windows of buildings, televisions turning on and off randomly, and random noises in hallways. This has lead BenU to bring a campus historian during Halloween to tell of all the hauntings and places on campus most likely to be haunted.
  • The flood day – Last spring the Chicagoland area experienced heavy rain. So much that Benedictine and the surrounding area were flooded. The entire university was shut down for a day presumably causing many students to take a day off from school work just like the aforementioned snow days. Students on campus got very creative with their day off from organizing mud slides in the quad to playing football in the pouring rain it was an interesting day to say the least at BenU.

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