Things to do when stressed out.

During college, you will be having those moments where you are all stressed out with all the homework that you have got for your classes, but just feel the need to take a break, I have some great things you can do to be stress free.

  1. Go watch a movie and get off campus for a while:  you can go to your local movie theater which isn’t that far way, its just on Butterfield Road or you can also go to the Ogden 6 Movie Theater, where once a month it is free movie day. Some of my favorite movies to watch when I’m not in the mood to go to a movie theater are 21 Jump Street, Kevin Hart Let Me Explain, and Dumb and Dumber. These are some of my favorite comedy movies that always seem to make me laugh no matter what. When it comes to action pack type movies the ultimate favorite is of course, The Dark Knight Rises and the Fast and Furious collections.
  2. Go shopping with your friends: Shopping is my favorite thing. When your in college, you always feel like you want to be “in fashion” with the latest trends and so the best thing is to just go shopping. Now for the guys out there, the places for you guys to do some shopping at are at the sports and electronic stores. There are great deals happening soon because of Columbus Day and for Halloween as well, so go check them out.
  3. Go on a small vacation near by: Sometimes just getting yourself out of the state can sometimes ease off the stress. If a long weekend is coming, maybe you can decide to go on a small vacation with your friends or family. You can go out of state such as Indiana, Michigan, Wisconsin, and many other states as well. You can go visit a place you have never been to or want to learn more about. Sometimes when I would have long weekends, my family and I would go on a family trip all together and go to a place where we have never been before. The last family trip that I remember I went to was going to South Dakota to see the Black Hills and the most historical monument in history, Mount Rushmore. This was the most memorable trip that I’ve ever been to and to share the great memories with my family was a great experience.
  4. Go watch a football, hockey, or even basketball games: Lately this is the season to go check out how our Bears are playing out on Soldier Field. This is the season for NFL, which I believe most of you college students watch. But if your not into football and don’t feel like sitting in the cold outside while watching football, then you can order some hockey or even some basketball tickets that you can go with you family or friends. Hockey has just started so it’s likely that you guys can go checkout a game or two. Basketball season is just around the corner, so if you’re a big fan of basketball, then you should order yourself and anyone you want to go with you to get yourself tickets so that you have the best seats in the house.

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