Fresh Start

If  you did not do well last semester, and that is normal if it is your first time being on your own in college. Don’t worry, it is not too late to have a fresh and do well! Here are some secrets to do better next semester!

  1. Don’t overload: 15 credits are usually a good amount of credits, do not take any more if you are struggling in classes.
  2. Ask around: Ask older students or friends about classes they’ve taken and the professor, try to take a good professor that helps and is available for their students.
  3. Plan ahead: Have a schedule or calendar to keep important homework and tests dates so you don’t loose track of them.
  4. Go to class: I can’t stress how important it is to go to class, don’t skip! Skipping class is not worth it, because you miss homework, future information, and notes from class.
  5. Take notes: When you go to class don’t just sit there, take notes and participate.
  6. Study: If you have a huge exam, make sure to study a few days before, so the night before you can just review and rest.
  7. Be friends with your professor: Go to office hours so your professor knows you want to succeed and actually care.
  8. Do the extras: If your professor offers extra credit, do it!
  9. Believe in yourself: If you want to get an A, then believe in yourself because you can get an A.
  10. Don’t slack: Stay on top of your work and studies so you don’t fall behind.

Good luck next semester!


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