Social Involvement

Becoming socially involved throughout Benedictine is key to enjoying your college experience. If you get involved in school clubs, participate in free movie nights, bowling, golf outings, and attend some sporting events school will become a enjoyable memory.

At the beginning of the semester there was an outdoor event called Quad day. During that time all the school clubs were out trying to get people to sign up! Don’t forget to participate in the events that you sign up for. If you did not get a chance to go due to your class schedule, go to student life in the basement of Krasa to get involved in activities and clubs that you would like to join. You can join clubs at any time. There is even another Quad Day during the spring semester:).

Also, throughout the dorms there are always flyers posted with many different kinds of activities posted on them. Don’t just walk right past them; read them and enjoy going! Attending events like bowling and free movie nights is just a way to broaden your horizons of the school and people that go here. Coming into the school I would have never thought that I would have had such a diverse group of friends as I do now. This happened because I stepped out of my room and became involved throughout the school. Not just by being an athlete here but by becoming a member in different clubs like the programming board and best buddies.

Joining clubs and different groups not only allows you to become more involved, but they help you escape from your everyday stress. Going to the meetings and events give your brain nice time off from always digging your nose into your books. So join a club and get involved!


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