Running into shape

It seems like everybody these days wants to be in shape. People are always complaining about how they want the perfect body, yet they do not do anything about it. One of the best ways to get in shape, look good, and feel good is by running. At first it can be very frustrating to get into a routine of running consistently, but with this plan it will be easier than ever.

  1. Proper attire – If you are going to be running consistently you want to make sure you have proper nice fitting shoes. If you run in a 5 year old pair of converse you will likely regret it. Some good shoes brands that I recommend are Saucony, Asics, Brooks, and Mizuno. Clothing is also a very important aspect of running. If it is 100 degrees or negative 10 you must make sure to wear very breathable clothing. If you wear all cotton while running your body will get sweaty very fast and the run will not be very comfortable.
  2. Start off slow – Most people start their run off at a pace faster than they can hold. This causes them to get tired after about a mile and gives the illusion that they physically cannot run any farther. However, the simple solution to this is to run slow at first. Run at a pace where you can really focus on your surroundings instead of how tired you are. The perfect pace for the first run is to make sure you feel almost 100% percent after the first mile.
  3. Off days – It is very likely that you will be sore the day after your first run. To minimize soreness I advise everyone take a day off in between runs for at least the first week. This day off will not only minimize soreness, but will also give you a much needed mental day of rest.
  4. Up and down weeks – The first week of running should be taken very easy. If you are completely dead after the first week the last thing you should do is give up. Feeling very tired after the first week is completely normal, but you have to fight through it. Since it takes a couple weeks for your muscles to get acquainted with all of the running I advise you to run less miles the second week so you are not as sore.
  5. The long run – After a few weeks of getting used to the whole running plan it is time to step it up. The end of every week of training should be with a long run. Depending on how avid of a runner you are this long run can range anywhere from a few miles to 20 miles. The long run should generally be about 1.5 times longer than the next longest run that week. This long run will build your weekly milage, increase your stamina, and make all the proceeding runs easier.

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