Now that you are in college you have more things that are on your plate. From classes to practice, studying, having a social life and everything in between there has to be some kind of balance. Having the ability to keep you and your studies organized is key to having a successful college career. There are different ways that one can help become a better organizer. Small, simple solutions can really help you in the long run become and stay more organized.

Time Management!

Time management is key! Being able to set time aside for you to get your work done will help eliminate the stress of finishing a project the night before. If you know that you will be busy the next couple days then it would be a great idea to set time aside earlier in the week to get most of your work done. Waiting until the night before to do your homework will not only negatively prepare you for the test, but it may become habit that you hold off on homework until the last minute. It is about always having that balance in your life.

Binders, Folders & Notebooks

Everyone knows that you should bring at least a folder and notebook to the first day of classes, but just having them is not enough. Utilizing your folders and notebooks so that they help maximize your potential in a class is another way to help stay organized. Labeling your binders and notebooks is a great way that you can separate the different subjects that are talked about in class. Using one side of your binder for classroom papers and the other for returned test, quizzes and homework assignments. This eliminates the mas number of papers that are just thrown around during the semester. Binders are useful in keeping multiple subjects separated and allow you to make smaller sub-sections. You are able to keep everything from the class in one place without having to worry about ever losing it.

Sticky notes and Post Its 

A great way to get ahead and stay organize in the classroom and work field is the use of sticky notes and Post it notes. These small but handy items an make reading the toughest of books a breeze. You can make a note to yourself of your understanding of the text or post questions in places that you did not understand as much. Labeling chapters, ideas and things that you find interesting can be very beneficial to you as a reader later when you have to interpret the text for a class.

Having a Planner!!!!!!!

This should have been my first topic, I cannot stress the importance of having a personal planer or some type of system/device that allows you to write down any and every one of the things that you have to do. When you write down what is due and what you have to do, you are more likely to do that because you are constantly reminded of it. I know for me, putting all of my classes, times I work and assignment due dates in my phones calendar, my computers organizer and writing them down helps me remember to do them ahead of time instead of waiting. It is easy to forget that an assignment is due if you have a million things going on in your life, but having them writing down will help you remember more and increase the chances of you completing the assignment.

Becoming more organized is not a lot of work, it is more of the little things that add up that will ultimately help you in the long run. These were just a few examples that one could do that would help start the process of becoming more organized.


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