How to make the most of class time.

Most of the time, students don’t realize how important it is to pay 100% attention in class. We’re usually distracted, spaced out or sleepy so we don’t understand what the teacher is talking about. But to save yourself time outside of class, it is very important to be attentive in class. One of the best ways is to come prepared. Some teachers let you know what chapter will be studying next class. Take that in account and actually make time to read the chapters before coming to class. That way when you don’t understand some parts in the readings , maybe the teacher will answer it in class or you can ask him/her and you are bound to remember it.

Moreover, some people like to use note cards. Hence they take notes in a notebook in class and go home and make note cards. Well you could skip a huge step and make note cards in class. That will save you hours of just copying information to note cards outside of class. Also you could print out the power points and take notes on them to use the pictures as a visual aid. Finally try to get enough sleep  before coming to class so you can be wide awake and get your money’s worth.


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