Groupon- A new way of shopping and saving!

As College students, we try to save as much as we can when it comes to shopping goods or when going out with friends either for a couple of drinks or for a nice catch up dinner.  Many students like myself work two jobs on top of going to school in order to pay off bills or have extra money to spend with friends going out.  As technology progresses each day, we run into many new discoveries and ideas to make this complicated life easier.  In our generation, smartphones are becoming part of our everyday life, this way we keep in contact with social media, family, or even with your boss.  We download many apps on our phone to create shortcuts for what we need to find, or just for entertainment during the times that we are bored.  Like I said before, college students try to save as much as possible, and there’s an app that can do exactly that!! Groupon is a new app with everything that you can imagine on a crazy amazing discounts from jewelry to restaurants to different activities.  I can say that I am one of those people that is addicted to checking new goods on the app that are on sale. Groupon is a great way to find amazing gifts for your boyfriend or girlfriend, sister or brother, or just events to do with your friends as a group.  When me and my friends want to go to the movies we always buy our tickets on Groupon for $5 per ticket and we go to Studio Movie Grill, this way we save each time when we go to the movies.  Some people also buy jewelry or tickets for upcoming events for 50% off the original price of 75% off. Micheal Kors  to Bulova watches can be found on great discounts on Groupon, not only watches but also engagement rings, to earrings, necklaces.  If you are moving in into a new place, Groupon also offers discounts on interior designs that are needed. You can find anything and everything on Groupon for cheap price.

Some people may think that Groupon is a scheme, for the unbelievable discounts of the objects that are on sale, but realistically Groupon is not a scheme.  I myself always shop with Groupon for certain things that I am looking for.  What you do is you create an account, put your credit card number on the object that you desire to buy, your mailing address and with 3 business days, the object will be on your hands. We are on our phones most of the time, to stay updated with current events, why not shop as well for cheap?…


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