Christmas Tree Cupcakes

Christmas tree cupcakes is going to be my holiday baking challenge. It sounds hard and confusing. How can one make a Christmas tree cupcake?! Well its easier than you think! The only thing you have to be somewhat crafty with is the piping of the Christmas tree 🙂

I will go and explain some step by step directions on how to make this!


1. Plain and simple– make the cupcakes.

2. Frost the top of the cupcakes

  • When frosting these, use a nice vanilla frosting and make sure its just one layer! NOTHING FANCY!

3. Add an ice cream cone, upside down, to the top of the cupckae

  • If you do not like how tall these are going to be, instead of the ice cream cone you can use strawberries instead!
  • Just make sure to cut off the stem and make an even slice so they stand straight!

4. Finally start piping the ice cream cone seen above on the right side!

  • Don’t worry all you need is green icing and a piping bag which can be found at walmart in the baking section.
  • Don’t forget to bring your steady hand!

5. Once you are finished it should look something like this…

6. If you think these look boring you can always spice them up by adding sprinkles or using different types of icing to add ornaments 🙂

This is the perfect holiday desert, its easy, simple and fun to bake!


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