Benedictine: A Home Away From Home

If there is one thing I’ve realized at my time here at Benedictine, it’s that this university is my second home.  They have a special way of making you feel connected.  At larger schools, you have to find your place and discover where you fit in. At Benedictine, it’s like you can fit in everywhere you go. That’s not just because the school is small, it’s because this school is a community. At BenU, you can establish extremely strong ties; not just with your fellow students, but your professors and everyone else on campus as well.

It’s a great feeling when you can walk through your campus and are able to see more than one friendly face along the way.  Seeing familiar faces makes you feel a lot more comfortable with your environment. School doesn’t seem so dreadful when you know you have a friend in the class to suffer through it with. School is also a lot easier when you can form relationships with your professors and aren’t scared to ask them questions. At bigger universities, barely anyone asks questions during a lecture, but at BenU, teachers and students have frequent back-and-forths. It also make you feel better when a professor calls on you and says your actual name 🙂

I’ve also never felt safer in my time here. Most people feel like they can’t even walk back to their dorms after night class at a typical institution. At BenU, you can take your time because there’s always a cop car on the main path and you know everyone on campus anyways. You also have an opportunity to get to know the BenU police and you’ll see their familiar faces  everywhere. So if you ever get in trouble, which I’m sure you won’t ;), then you won’t be scared and won’t feel uncomfortable because you know that our police officers know you and aren’t out to get you.

The strength of the community is seen in the way our residents coexist so well with our commuters.  At most schools, residents never get to know commuters because they go quickly in and out of school.  The atmosphere is so comfortable here that commuters always linger for more time than they have to and frequently mingle with residents.  Even though it’s a tiny school, you can most definitely gain a diverse group of friends.

Benedictine is a place you can grow with people you know and feel comfortable with.  You’ll know exactly what I’m talking about once you get here 🙂


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