Freaking Out About Grades

I tend to surround myself with people who excel in school. This is extremely beneficial because it keeps you motivated, but it also has a downfall.  Sometimes you get that friend who majorly stresses out about grades. Or maybe you’re that friend who majorly stresses out about grades :). It’s always good to have some stress about school because it shows you care, but not to the point where you stop living your life.

Sometimes I’ll be surrounded by a group of friends who are obsessing over everything they have to get done or freaking out about getting a bad grade on a test or assignment.  These are the moments I want to close my ears and run away because I get stressed out just hearing about other people’s worries.  When you get to college you are going to have to deal with those kids that got straight A’s in high school and go insane when they have the slightest slip-up with grades in college. Don’t be that person. Be realistic with yourself. You don’t have to have a 4.0 just to feel complete in life. If you know you worked hard and put in the effort, be confident in yourself and know that you can do well without stressing out.  It’s natural for you to get a bad grade every so often. They wake you up and help you work harder to learn from your mistakes. Instead of complaining about your grades to your friends, use them to help relax you :). Let them be a getaway from school work because everyone needs those once in a while.

In the end, its always better to be that person who freaks out about grades then to be that person who doesn’t care at all. Just make sure you are not sacrificing your sanity just for a letter grade.  Get sleep in! Get meals in! Never let your grades compromise your mental health.


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