Dealing with the weather in Lisle

The Chicagoland area is known for its varying and unpredictable weather. Lisle, located about 30 minutes southwest of the windy city, is no different. There is a wide range of weather conditions from heat waves, to rain advisories, to blizzards – Chicago and it’s suburbs are unpredictable as well when it comes to weather.

Coming into the fall semester the weather in Lisle is always very hot. So much that there have been heat warnings issued in the area during the beginning of BenU’s school year. So obviously everyone is wearing shorts and t-shirts. This weather continues at school usually until about mid September when the mornings and nights start to get cooler. The temperature is usually about the same during the day until early October. Early October is also when the leaves start to fall off the trees meaning it is time to break out the sweatshirts and sweatpants. As the month goes the weather slowly gets colder and colder until there is a noticeable drop around the end of October and beginning of November.

Winter in Chicago’s suburbs is almost as bad as that of somewhere in northern Wisconsin and Minnesota. Since Chicago is right on Lake Michigan the area gets a thing called lake-effect snow. This is when cold winds blow over warmer large bodies of water such as Lake Michigan and collect energy particles. These high energy particles are then frozen and then released on the shore in the form of snow. As a result of this the city of Chicago and the surrounding area receive the outcome. A few years ago about a foot of snow fell on Benedictine’s campus. Classes and administrative offices were closed for two days because of it.

The beginning of the spring semester at BenU often starts off very cold with a lot of snow. This usually goes on till about mid March with the temperature steadily rising just as it descended in the fall semester. I have always noticed that in the winter at BenU there is a lot of snow and in the spring there is a lot of rain. There was so much rain last year that downtown Lisle actually flooded and Benedictine was shut down for an entire day.

All in all make sure to always be prepared for the worst weather conditions. Whether it is 100 degrees in the early fall, or there is a blizzard and its -5 in the middle of winter, or 50 degrees and down-pouring, be sure to dress appropriately for the Chicagoland area’s many diverse weather conditions.


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