BenU Bucket List

College is the time for students to get away from their parents and live life on their schedule. Even though Benedictine has many non-residents those students still must be responsible enough to wake up, drive to school, and go to class. However, after the classes have been tended to, the clubs been to, and the sports practices finished all students need to fill their down time. Since there is often a lot of free time between all of these activities I am going to present, in no particular order, a bucket list of things I recommend all college students do before they graduate.

1. Join a club or a team- Joining a club/team is not only a great way to meet new people, but can also get you in shape if it is something like a running club or a fitness class.

2. Get a job- Getting a job, whether it be on campus or not, is a great way to make some extra cash on the side to spend on all the other activities that you would like to do.

3. Go for a run- Being an avid runner, I often find myself bored and feeling as if I need to accomplish something. Not homework or work per say because I do those almost everyday. Every once in a while I will go out and jog a few miles to not only clear my head of everything, but just to feel good physically and mentally.

4. Take a random road trip- If you are lucky like me you will have no Friday classes some semesters in college. This means that you will have the luxury of 3 day weekends. Last year me and a few friends traveled to New Jersey to see a three day concert and it was a blast.

5. Go to a concert- Building off the last one I am personally a huge fan of music. When I came to Benedictine I was shocked at the amount of people who have never been to a concert. The easy solution to this is that BenU always brings in a popular band at the beginning of the year for Benfest. This past year Plain White T’s played at our school and I had a great time seeing them live.

6. Pull an all nighter- At some point or another all college students will be swamped with homework. Whether it be because a bunch of large projects were due on the same date or the fact that you procrastinated too much and never got anything done. Pulling an all nighter is definitely an experience, but it is also very challenging and frustrating so I only recommend it as a last resort

7. Go canoeing- Canoeing at BenU is a fun and free way to enjoy a nice day on the slew. All you have to do is go to the campus police station and give them your student ID then a fun time on Lake St. Benedict awaits you.

8. Slew golf- To relieve the stress of mid-terms or finals week my friends and I often drive golf balls over the slew on campus. This may seem stupid, but this activity is surprisingly fun and satisfying seeing the golfball fly over the open water of Lake St. Benedict.

9. Go snowboarding/skiing- We are fortunate enough at Benedictine to have such a nice community in Four Lakes about a mile away from campus. This community has a very large hill that fake snow is blown onto so people can snowboard/ski there during the winter. It may be a little bit pricey, but it is definitely worth the money.

10. Conquer a fear- It may seem clique to say, but college is truly the best time to not only meet new people, but to also find out about yourself. In college you come in contact with people from many different places and walks of life. This provides the challenge to do something like talk to someone you have never talked to before or do something you have never done before that you have always wanted to do. So go out there and do it!


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