Money Saving Tips When Buying Textbooks!

Buying books for college can be very costly. On average, one textbook can range from $100-$200. Some people are reluctant to buy textbooks for a class because it can be so expensive. Unfortunately, you need these textbooks in order to pass the class. Buying from a campus bookstore can be expensive, however being a student at the university can provide you discounts at the bookstore. This can  still be expensive when the discount is applied. Here are a few money saving tips when buying textbooks.

1. Buy your textbooks from a friend– Sometimes when you buy a textbook from a friend the prices of these textbooks can be a lot cheaper than buying it at the bookstore.  Even if you save a small amount of money that’s still money saved in your pockets.

2.  Buy your textbooks from a rental textbook website- These websites can  knock down the original prices of textbooks by half price. These websites have specific dates in which you need to return the books after the semester is over. Some websites that are good to rent off of or even buy is,, and

3.  Buy old editions of a textbook– Buying an older edition textbook can also save you money. When new editions come out the old editions become inexpensive, however, having old edition books might not be acceptable for all classes. Ask your professor before you purchase an old edition book so that you don’t purchase a book that you are unable to use.

4. Purchase an e-book- An e-book works as an electronic book. As long as you have a laptop or a tablet you are able to purchase an e-book.  E-books are paperless which makes the price of an e-book inexpensive.

5. Buy your books ahead of time- When you buy your textbooks ahead of time they are a lot cheaper than buying it close to the first day of school.  Textbook sellers tend to make the prices higher when school is closer because so many people are trying to buy books the week before school starts.

Use these tips when purchasing a textbook. These tips can save you a bunch of money that you can use for your next textbook purchase.


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