Getting Professors to Like You

Nobody wants to be a teachers pet, but school is a much better place when you establish good relationships with your teachers. In my observations of college classrooms so far, I’ve formed some Do’s and Don’ts when it comes to student-teacher relationships:

1) Ask appropriate questions.  Never ask a question that you know you could easily answer yourself.  Professors have a lot to fit into one class period and there is no use wasting their time and your fellow students time with a question that is uneccessary.

2) Don’t ask too many questions. It’s true that it’s always good to ask as many questions as possible, but you also have to be considerate of your other classmates.  The professor will get annoyed if you’re eating too much class time up with questions, so if you need that much help, make sure you meet with them in their office hours instead.

3) Show up! Even if it’s a bigger class, if the teacher sees that you are there everyday they will know you’re dedicated and want to learn.  Professors will be more pleasant towards you if they see you in the same spot everyday and paying attention. No need to be a kiss-up, just show up 🙂

4) Get a heads up on the material before class.  Professors hate it when their students don’t participate and interact with them in class.  Being prepared for class means you will be able to participate in the discussion, which also means you will be less likely to fall asleep. Resonding to your professors will help them recognize you and make you seem more reliable to them.  Sometimes a professor might even round up your grade if they know you regularly participate in class.

5) Smile! Professors deal with tons of students a day, so its nice to see a few pleasant faces instead of ones that look dull and bored. If you look engaged and happy, chances are the teacher will be in a better mood.

Your relationships with your professors can go a long way. It’s important to be on good terms with them because they can open up many doors for you in college.  Make that effort every time you step into class!


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