Organization is key when you get to college. Keeping all of your classes, homework, and papers together is very important. If you forget homework for a class, 9 out of 10 times the professor will not care and will not let you turn the assignment in late. That is why it is very important to keep all of your work organized and kept together. Also, always know when assignments are due.

How to be organized:

  • Have the printed syllabus for every class.
  • Have one particular folder, binder, and notebook dedicated to one class.
  • Keep an agenda book to write down homework and due dates.
  • Have a calendar on your wall or desk to keep important dates posted where you can see them.
  • Start homework 2 days before it is due so you do not have tons of homework to do.
  • Do not wait last minute to start a paper or project.

College is totally different from high school. The professors do not care whether you come to class or do your work, which is why it is totally up to you to get all of your work done on time. Just take these tips serious and your freshman year shall be a breeze!


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