Radiation Therapy Major

For those who are in love with science and are thinking about going into the medical field but not necessarily wanting to be a doctor, consider being a radiation therapist. Benedictine University offers a major called Radiation Therapy.  A Radiation Therapist is a person who conducts radiation treatments in order to shrink or kill cancer cells in a patient. The Radiation Therapy program is a four year program, three years at Benedictine University and one year at Northwestern Hospital for clinicals.  This program is competitive and requires a lot of work.  In order to get into the Northwestern hospital for clinicals you need a 2.8 GPA for all three years you attend Benedictine University. However, it’s better to get more than a 2.8 GPA in order to get accepted into clinicals. The available spots for getting accepted into the Northwestern clinicals are limited.

The classes that you are taking when being a Radiation Therapy major is mostly science classes. Basic general education classes that you would need to take is Biology 197. 198 and Chemistry 113 and 123.  Both subjects require you to take labs.  For these classes you need to receive at least a C in the class.  However, it’s important for you to do better than a  C in the class because this will be looked at before you enter the Northwestern clinicals.  There are much more science classes that must be taken. A few more science classes that would needed to be taken is physics, organic chemistry and genetics.

Being a Radiation Therapy major so far as been stressful yet fun. All majors can be stressful because it requires a lot of work load. If you truly enjoy doing something then the journey to becoming what you want to be will be fast and fun!


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