how to study for finals

When it’s your first year in college many people freak out because they don’t know how to prepare for finals on a college scale. But there are a few things you can do to better prepare you for them. The most important is take notes throughout the semester, this will help you make study guides and other study materials. There are a few simple things you can help make studying easier-
1- find study spots that you can easy focus in outside of your dorm or house.
2- form study groups, its helpful to talk your knowledge out.
3- prevent test anxiety, tell yourself you can do it, don’t bash yourself that your going to fail.
4- take breaks don’t cram it all in on one day, space it out
5- make note cards
6- form a study guide with the most important information
7- manage your time,space your study out well in advance to the final
8- go to the professors office hours if you need help
9- don’t spend a lot of time on the knowledge you know well
10- sleep, all nighters shouldn’t be your friend
11- eat!!!
12- try your hardest
These are just a few tips to better help you study for finals in your years of college.
Good luck


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