How to Nap like a Boss

Before college, I absolutely hated the idea of napping and never did it. I just felt like if I napped, I would miss out on so much…I don’t know what exactly, but I just felt like I would. For this reason I never use to nap, even if I was beyond tired. As a freshmen last year, I still was against the idea in the beginning…but by the end of the year, I gave taking naps a try. Now I can definitely say I’m pretty good at it. I’m not one of those people who can just nap for 2-3 hours straight, in fact I can’t even nap for one complete hour, but I can nap long enough to feel more energized. However, I didn’t just go from anti-napper to pro-napper without some personal standards I set with it. My first standard is that I need to be tired or sleepy to the point that I feel it’s slowing me down and preventing me from getting a lot of work done. Secondly, it needs to be preferably before 12:00 p.m., no later than 1:00 p.m. for sure. This way it usually ensures that I’ll still be able to fall asleep when I go to bed that night. Thirdly, I cannot sleep for more than an hour seeing as I believe it will leave me feeling even more groggy and not so refreshed and may prevent me from falling asleep at a decent time that night. Those are the standards I set for myself because I’m a weirdo, but if you are convinced as I was that you will never be a napper…well, just don’t be so sure. In college, I can almost guarantee you will nap and some point-you’re going to need it!


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