The art of doing LAUNDRY!

Now that you’re out on your own at college all the comforts from home are miles away, and that includes your laundry being done for you. So now you have to either figure out how to work the washing machine or find someone who will continue to wash your dirty clothes. This may be a hard dilemma for someone who has never done their own laundry before.

Timing is key: When looking to do laundry you should think about what time they are going to be doing it. Sunday night would not be the best time for you to do your 6 loads of laundry. That is usually the day that most students do homework and laundry all day. A better time would be between one of your classes or when you have downtime during the day. Early mornings and late at night can be a hit or miss because you never know if someone else was up at 1 am thinking that there is no possibility that another person is up doing laundry. It is a good idea to set a timer on your phone to avoid leaving your wet clothing in the washer for an extended amount of time, or worse, someone taking your wet clothes out without putting them into a dryer.

Just the right amount:  If you have never done your own laundry you probably don’t know how much detergent to use. The cap of whatever kind of washing detergent that you use will have different markings to indicate the different amounts of detergent that you could use for loads. Depending on the size of the load, that will determine how much liquid to use.

Separate but equal When doing laundry most people separate their clothing by colors. Lights, darks and white. This way your colors can stay vibrant and won’t bleed through to your whites. All of your clothes will be washed, separating them just makes it easier to manage and makes the task of carrying one big load a lot easier.

Laundry can become a bit stressful when you have a months worth of clothing piled up in your room and have no know-how of operating a washer or dryer. For most college students the laundry facilities are not free and students have to budget money in order to use the machine, but here at Benedictine all laundry facilities are free to students with a number of washers and dryers in each dorm. Whether you go home to wash or stay here on campus, having the laundry know-how with you will help make doing the never ending loadss of dirty clothing a lot easier and you may even come to enjoy washing your clothes.


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