Its crunch…I mean munch time!

Its getting to that point in the semester when you’re constantly counting your meals and counting them twice. Its crunch time people!! It’s the time of year where every swipe counts. You may have already noticed your meal plan can no longer support your eating habits and you have now have to find ways to preserve your precious meals. A lot of students find themselves mooching off of their friends who have enough meals to spare, using their swipe as much as possible. Then you have students who cut back on eating all together in order to have enough meals and munch money at the end of the semester. But it doesn’t have to end like that. If you are smart about your meal consumption then you should be in pretty good shape when finals week comes along.

Being “Swipe-happy”-We all have done it, swipe at Krasa or Coal Ben when we really weren’t hungry but did because you were with friends. Don’t feel as though you need to swipe just because you are with friends. Or even when you are alone not over-swiping.

Keeping track of your spending– If you are a Krasa lover then you have nothing to worry about in terms of your munch money, but for most students they use a little bit of both throughout the week. Try keeping a mental tally of how much much and meals you use…or if that is too much thinking, campus dinning services  can do all the work for you. You can get a print out of your total meal and munch count by either asking when ordering at Coal Ben, or swiping at Krasa.

Now that you know you can check your balance and have somewhat of a picture of how many meals and munch money you have you can swipe accordingly. When finals weeks rolls around some students use less meals and use more munch money for small break in between study breaks. A good thing to remember is that your munch money rolls over to the next semester, while your meals do not. So, using your meals up before your munch money will be more beneficial to you then doing the opposite. More towards the end of the year will you see students using their munch money to purchase drink and snacks from the schools cafe or food service office. They need to find a way in use their munch money. You will see students buying protein drinks shakes, pops and orange juice by the bulk just to use up their munch money.  Whatever you decide to do, getting the most out of your meal plan is always a priority. If the end of the semester comes along and you see that you have 5 meals and under $10 in munch money…it’s time to rethink your eating habits or change your meal plan to add more munch or meals.


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