Finding a Good Balance—Work, School and Fun!

Hey everyone!

I’m here today to talk about one of the most difficult struggles that a college student faces: finding a good balance between work, school, and having fun. As a sophomore, I have been working on campus for over a year—since the beginning of last year—and I have always had to make note of time management between the three areas of college life. In March, I gained a second job that I am currently working: a Student Ambassador, which added to my list of priorities. Also, last week I started working a third job near campus, and I now have had to become an expert at making time for each and every aspect of my life.

I have found that having a personal planner is essential for planning out all of your required activities, such as when you work, when you have presentations/quizzes/exams, or when there is a fun event that you really want to make it to. This allows for you to see what your main priorities are each week, and can even help you move around your work schedule in advance to make time for studying. Going week by week with a steady schedule helps you plan out time to have fun on the weekends if you can get all of your priorities completed during the week, leaving time for movies, going out to eat, and shopping—excellent ways to spend the money you just earned working all of those long hours!

A good way to stay in contact with your friends and make plans to go out on the weekends is to eat lunch and dinner together, since most classes do not meet at this time. Study sessions with friends can also knock two things out at once, since they help prepare for school and provide you with a fun environment.

While it seems impossible, managing classes, work, and fun is possible is you stay organized and use good time-management skills. You can even get a great night’s rest too!


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